Wolf and hunter

 — Why are you doing this?

 — I don’t know …

 — Why?

 — You know, instincts are like a wolf tied to dog house. You try to tame it, but you’ll always know that on the next full moon it will howl, whine and try to break free. But still you want to try …

 — And?

 — And every night the more you try to muzzle it the more you know – it will break free. And after a while it’s quite - it’s free disappearing into shadows. Finally peace! In morning it should be back.

 — And does it come back?

 — It always does. Tired, full of regrets and hunger for closeness.

 — If it broke free why does it’s still hungry?

Laughing – Between wolves you’ll always be hungry. They tear everything like a meat and cannot honour that fruit of life.

 — How strange! I was thinking that people already tamed this wolf.

 — Tamed? - I was laughing. - Not these people. They fear wolves. They don’t know its nature and will rather kill it and won’t allow sit in front of dog house.

 — Who then?

 — Hunters. Their dogs in five stone chains sit in front of house. Never seen the freedom, never smelled it. And after some time they became thin and dumb … and sadly stay like that all life.

 — What did you do?

 — I didn’t wanted to tame the wolf. That’s ugly! I tried to be a friend. And every night when full moon was almost there I left it free and allowed to go to woods.

 — Did it helped?

 — For some time … For a year, but ever time when it came back nothing have been changed: regrets and hunger. I couldn’t look at it that’s why I went with it to the woods.

 — To the woods?!

 — Yeah, I had to know what’s happening there.

 — And?

 — And It’s terrible. Wolves are miserable. They are like animals – not tamed by anyone nor happy. Still full of regrets and hungry for closeness.

 — Why your wolf don’t howl anymore? What changed?

 — Still there is no change. It know now what I want to do. And it as a friend now has promised to wait. Wait for a time when it won’t need to run to woods anymore. Wait for a time where there won’t be feelings of regret and hunger … time when it won’t be alone.

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